Good Music Selections For Your Sale

The quiet sounds of a summer day are a pleasant background atmosphere to a garage sale, but sometimes, the silence can be overwhelming.  If you have some sort of boom box or iPod and speakers handy, you might want to break out the music to give your clientele a little something to shop to.

A sound system set-up for good music for your sale.

There are definitely some types of music you should never put on at a garage sale.  You have to consider that your shoppers are from all age brackets and mindsets, so choose music that is not going to offend anyone or make parents uncomfortable. 

Unless you are absolutely certain that the lyrics are clean both in language and content, rap and R&B should be avoided completely.  Also, do not play heavy metal and punk rock; although you may enjoy these styles of music, people often take offense at the songs' sound and content and may even leave your garage sale entirely.

There are certainly a lot of acceptable types of music for the playing!  Oldies are a great choice, so long as you remove any that parents would not want their little ones listening to.  The Beatles are beloved by most, and few people would walk up to you and ask you to turn them off.  The Beach Boys make for great chill summer listening, and Simon and Garfunkle provide entertaining melodies and pleasant background music.  Additional group ideas include Peter, Paul, and Mary; Animals; the Everly Brothers; and Jimmy Buffet.

Some pop songs are also appropriate for garage sale-playing.  Owl City is a recent newcomer to the music scene, with a very laid-back style and clean lyrics.  Josh Groban's sweet voice can serenade your shoppers safely; Enya's soft music will take a back seat to your bartering and change-making, and won't overpower your conversations; and Neil Diamond or Bruce Springsteen provide an all-American background to your yard sale.

In some areas of the U.S., country music is a very popular style and can be heard everywhere from grocery stores to diners.  Some country songs have debatably clean lyrics, but often the references to undesirable behaviors are hidden by euphemisms and will pass right over the heads of any children present.  If you enjoy country music and think your clientele will too, tune in to a family-friendly country station on the radio.

Instrumental music makes wonderful background noise and comes in so many different styles that you can find something to suit your taste and the preferences of your shoppers.  Choose from classical, New Age, acoustic covers, or even ambient rock.  Try to choose songs that have a consistent volume level so you aren't constantly fiddling with the controls or missing someone's hollered offer because the music is too loud.

What's the best song you've ever heard playing at a garage sale?  Let us know in the comments, or come visit for some great free resources from the world's biggest online garage sale community!

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Duke Berger
Duke Berger
2/17/2013 4:11:08 AM #

choose those music appropriate for you audience...but i prefer going for those tlively ones that's not too loud but would set a good tone/vibes in the whistle, firework, etc...

Aubrey Lindell
Aubrey Lindell
2/22/2013 4:07:23 PM #

Good music selection is crucial in setting the ambiance of your sale. It should fit your costumer's preferences and especially age brackets. If you don't really know who's going then select songs which are famous and are familiar to everyone. An option would be love songs because how can anyone not know sweet and calming music. Even me, I was born in the early 1990's but still, I'm familiar and I play music from the 70's and 80's. Otherwise, you can play it safe by having instrumentals and soothing music to provide an atmosphere conducive to purchasing goods, if there is such thing Laughing

Carter Looper
Carter Looper
4/10/2013 11:38:31 AM #

Make sure you're music doesn't contain foul words. Remember, some shoppers bring their children along. It would be inappropriate and unjust to let them hear those kinds of music.

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