Choosing What Kinds of Refreshments to Sell

You've decided to sell refreshments at your garage sale, eh?  If so, you probably have something in mind.  If not, read on to find out tips on brainstorming up the perfect drink or snack to offer to your shoppers.

Lemonade being made at the yard sale

It's important to choose something cheap.  In order for the refreshment process to be worthwhile -- and for you to turn a profit -- you need to select something customers will see as worth paying for.  Whatever snack or drink you decide on, you need to be sure you can obtain or create large amounts of it without dishing out a whole lot of money up front.  Additionally, if you're going to sell it in containers or wrapping of some sort, make sure those come cheap also.

You'll need to be able to make another batch quickly in the event that your customers really like what you're selling and clean you out.  Having an extra box of brownies whipped up and ready to bake, or lemonade powder already measured into a spare pitcher, is super handy and prevents long absences from your sales table.

Hand-in-hand with this is an important aspect you might not have thought of: choose a refreshment which you don't mind having leftover in bulk.  Fingers crossed; you should be able to sell everything, if you don't go overboard.  But just in case, don't make something you find disgusting.  (Or do, if you're worried about your weight!)

So what are some refreshments that fits this criteria?  You could always go with the tried-and-true lemonade.  Even if you choose to hand-squeeze it, lemonade is inexpensive to make, requiring only lemons, sugar, and water.  With concentrate or powder, it's exponentially cheaper (and handier, though less delicious).  Another classic beverage is Kool-Aid, which is great for pickier customers -- you can have several flavors on hand to offer.  Either of these are best iced, so keep an ice chest nearby.

Juice is another good drink to offer.  While real juice is fairly expensive and probably won't turn a huge profit, gallons of juice from concentrate are inexpensive and appealing, especially to children.  You can also buy frozen concentrate and make it yourself, which should cost less than a dollar per gallon.  Or you can purchase Gatorade on sale; it's a wonderful garage saling drink, since it rehydrates and restores electrolytes.  You can even make your own Gatorade substitute!

If drinks aren't your style, the classic yard sale snacks are brownies, Rice Krispies Treats, and cookies.  Brownies are great because you can purchase 85¢ mix boxes and add a few extra ingredients for a super inexpensive product.  Rice Krispies Treats require a little more care, since they get gooey in the sun, so you'll want to watch where you keep them.  Cookies, of course, come in a huge variety of flavors -- from chocolate chip to cereal to cinnamon roll.  Choose one with a well-loved (and cheap) recipe; don't experiment the night before garage sale day, as you don't want to sell sorry cookies.

Some less traditional ideas:

-     Chex Mix can be mixed up in large batches and sold in munchies bags.

-     Expecting a lot of little kids?  String up some Fruit Loops necklaces and dangle them enticingly out of reach.

-    If you can find cheese on sale, making up some cheese and crackers will sate customers'   lunchtime hunger.

-     Speaking of lunch, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are very cheap and very popular with kids and adults alike.

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Harold Amorrie
Harold Amorrie
4/5/2013 10:50:14 AM #

It would be better if you sell something REFRESHING. Garage Sales would surely heat your customer's body which leaves them wanting something cold that can quench their thirst. Do not sell too sweet drinks because definitely it will just add up to their thirstiness. As a customer, the best refreshments you could sell are fruit juices. It's healthy, natural and even more refreshing compared other drinks.

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