Choosing Charity Size

There are lots of factors that go into choosing a charity to support via your garage sale and the resulting profits, and one of the important ones is size.  Sure, charities are easy enough to pick based on the field they're in -- that's largely personal preference there -- but you have to take into consideration the size of the charity.  This will determine how you present your sale, both to your potential customers/donors and to the charity, if you decide to ask them to help you put it together.

A poor woman needing help from different charity size.

Small charities are wonderfully intimate.  They usually have a very specific group they focus on helping -- such as homeless people on a specific street, youth in a certain school, or the residents of a particular neighborhood.  Everyone knows each other and can call one another by name, knowing each individual's needs and strengths.  But, small charities are often without resources to help you set up the sale, and may not even be able to afford to send you some pamphlets you could use to pitch the non-profit.  Also, small charities' reach isn't very far, so if you're looking to impact a lot of people, you may not want to choose this size.

Medium charities have all the advantages and disadvantages of both small and large charities.  They still maintain a "hometown" feel, but they reach a much wider target group.  Usually, medium-sized charities get started as small charities, and then, when success is obvious, they establish a few branches in other locations -- sometimes in other cities entirely, sometimes in the area.  A medium charity is good if you like both the intimate and the wide-reaching aspects of small and large charities, respectively.

Large charities have huge amounts of resources and are often helping people on a nationwide scale.  They can afford to drive a fleet of trucks down to help out with hurricane relief, fly relief workers to Haiti or Indonesia, and sponsor thousands of children around the world.  And they have tons of resources available to help you get started on helping them: pamphlets, posters, even tokens of gratitude like buttons and pens.  But, large charities often get out of touch with the people they're helping, acting like a benefactor reaching out to help individuals the people working there have never met.

So which charity size is right for you?  You'll have to decide for yourself, depending on your goals for raising the money.  Are you looking for an individual, loving human touch, or a wide-spread outreach to numbers in the thousands?

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