Spending Quality Time With Your Pet

When you bring an animal into your family, you're essentially promising it that you will devote your time and resources to it.  Spending quality time with your pet doesn't have to cost a lot of money, though -- there are plenty of free activities you can do with your furry friend that won't cost you more than your minutes.  And think of it as your pet making time to spend with you, too!  You'll benefit from the unconditional love they have to offer you as well.

a very cute pet

For those with canine companions, spending time at the local dog park is free and great exercise for both of you.  Most dog parks are freely open to the public, and are simply a fenced-in area of a regular public park where you can let your dog off-leash to pal around with other canine friends.  You'll want to be sure to bring a doggy bag and a good leash, in case accidents rear their ugly heads.

Many animals appreciate a good routine, as their simpler brains fall easily into patterns and they anticipate one they enjoy.  Make your favorite TV time snuggle time, and invite them to come curl up next to you while you watch your shows.  They will quickly learn when your viewing times are and come find you before you even remember that it's Thursday night!

You can establish a daily play hour, where you put aside all unnecessary distractions and spend a quality sixty minutes with your pet.  This can work for any kind of animal you may have, from dogs to cats to ferrets to mice -- even fish (who may not appreciate the gesture, but can inspire poetry and art for your sake!).  Your pet will learn to love this time of day, and grow restless and excited when it's drawing near.  Of course, this will work best with enthusiastic and younger pets who have the energy to play!

Going on a walk is always a free and simple way to spend quality time with your pet!  Tell your pet you're going to go out, and watch him or her get very excited to head outside.  However you may be exercising, your pet can probably join you, if it's an outdoor activity.

Take your pet to garage sales for some free socialization and fun with them!



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