Recovering a Lost Pet

Pets are expensive enough when you've got them close -- they shouldn't cost you money if they run away!  Recovering a lost pet is extremely important to a loving pet owner, and there are ways that you can stay frugal and still get your furry friend home.  If Fido or Fluffy has run off, and you desperately need to get him or her back, you can try some of these tips to track them down and return them home without paying a lot of money.

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Word of mouth is a time-honored method of communication that's still alive today, in the technological age, for a reason!  Go door to door in your neighborhood, taking along a recent picture of your pet, along with any important information about them at the time they ran off (wearing anything, hurt somehow, etc.), and ask people to please call you if they see the animal or hear something.  When your sad face is behind the message, people often take pity and look harder or pay more attention.

 Social networks, especially those on which you've built an extensive network of local contacts, are like free advertising.  You can post information about where you last saw the animal, how to get them to come or pay attention, and a link to the recent picture you've been using.  Ask people to contact you if they hear anything; you can either leave your phone number or email, or you can just ask them to contact you on the social network site.

 Free ads are actually more prevalent than you might think!  Although we only do garage sales at, we suggest you look at similar sites for more general things, such as craigslist or the classified section of a local newspaper.  There's even a site specifically for lost pet announcements (, where volunteers help find missing animals based on bulletins the owners post with detailed information.  Don't just use one type of ad, though; if it's free, take full advantage of it, so that more people are likely to see it.

 If your pet has a chip, alert local vets and shelters.  Although both of these organizations will scan for a pet's chip if they find a lost animal, it's good to have them on the alert -- they might have some networks of their own they can contact.  Hopefully, someone will spot your furry friend and take them somewhere their chip can be scanned, if they don't have the means or knowledge to contact you directly!

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