Dress Your Pet Cheaply

 Those of you who like to dress up their pets have probably run into the problem of expense.  Dog (and cat, when they happen) clothes are incredibly expensive!  Sure, the labor is probably more intense due to the small size of the clothes and the fabric pieces the laborers must work with, but even so pet clothes are overpriced.  If you want to frugally dress your pet, there are some ways you can do so, and here are a few of them.

dog with shades and cap

You can make your own clothes, which may actually be the best option anyway (if you know how to sew and are in possession of fabric scraps), since you can fit them perfectly to your individual pet.  Of course, you'll have to find clothing patterns, some of which are available for free online and some of which are purchasable in fabric stores, and make sure your sewing machine is working.  Other than that, though, if you know sewing techniques, you're good to go on making your own pet clothes.  Plus, they require less fabric than regular clothing items, so you can probably go out and buy scraps for less!

 If you're not so handy with a sewing machine, you can modify baby clothes to better fit your pet's body.  You'll need to be sure that the arms/legs are in such a position that the dog or cat can easily maneuver while wearing the clothes; this may require a little cutting and resewing, so you'll at least need to know how to make passable stitches with a needle and thread.  Ask for cast-off baby clothes from people whose infants have outgrown them, and be sure you mention that you're fine with tears and stains!

 Maybe you've decided that clothes themselves are too complicated to deal with for your pet; in that case, you can dress your pet in accessories.  Gift ribbon with wire inside is great for shaping into a cute headdress for your animal.  You can make little headpieces out of pipe cleaners and other crafty things, which you can glue together with a hot glue gun.  Or, purchase doll items and modify them to fit snugly on your pet's head (cut holes for ears, put on an elastic band, etc.).

 Be on the lookout for sidewalk sales outside of pet stores!  These often have discontinued items, including pet clothes, which will be on sale for much less than you would normally have to pay.  Clearance tables in pet stores, too, are great places to look for your pet's wardrobe.

 You can find just about any of the things listed in this article at garage sales -- fabric scraps, baby clothes, accessory pieces for assembly, and even secondhand pet clothes!  If you're looking for garage sales in your area, check out GarageSaleCow.com for free listings today.


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