Baking For Flea Markets

Are you a particularly wonderful baker? Do you have friends and relatives lining up for your holiday goodies, or begging you for a home-baked goodie basket as their birthday present? If so, you might want to consider baking for flea markets! You won't even need anything special, just a place to set up inside the flea market and the ability to advertise effectively. For the most lucrative flea market baking experience, follow some or all of these tips.

Baking homemade empanadas.

Choose unique recipes to stand out. If you're using classic recipes like brownies and chocolate chip cookies, your spin on them had better be incredibly delicious! Generally, people will pay for these traditional treats, but they won't pay much more than a minimal price, so you'll probably want to bring out the big guns if you want a more lucrative business. Family secret recipes (just don't sell the recipe itself!) are great candidates for your flea market stall.

Realize that fun and clever advertising is most effective with baking ventures. Trying to be serious in your advertisements for your baking business will probably not work very well for you. Fun advertising, with lots of bright colors and fun pictures, will likely be the most effective, followed closely by clever puns and turns of phrase. Be sure you put your advertising close to your stall as well as throughout the flea market, if you're allowed -- that way, no one will get lost when they're trying to find your goodie stand!

Be sure to wrap everything thoroughly. It's disgusting to purchase food from a stranger and then realize that it is exposed and was probably touched by many unwashed hands before you put it in your mouth. Buy some attractive see-through bags or colorful plastic wrap and seal up everything you sell very well. You'll want to practice until you've got a professionally tight wrap down; if the plastic wrap looks as if it could have been placed over your product in a factory, people will not even question the authenticity of your cookies and brownies.

Encourage returning customers via incentives. Many flea markets see regular shoppers come back week after week, and if you can create a system to encourage them back, your business will boom. Try the punch card technique, or offer a loyalty program where prices slowly decline the more shoppers come back to visit you.

You can apply these same techniques to baking at your garage sale as well! Try posting a sale where local shoppers will see it.

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Clyde Hughes
Clyde Hughes
2/18/2013 10:02:10 AM #

Baking is easy work which turns into a lot of money $_$ A tray of cookies can hold around 28 pieces and needs to be baked around 15-30 mins in an oven. Got to get your hand dirty a bit when mixing ingredients and forming the cookies - different shapes, designs, sizes. Could save a few for the children as their reward, for doing chores or getting high marks in all of their subjects, or snack for one sunny afternoon.

Louise Danielle Paddock
Louise Danielle Paddock
3/7/2013 10:20:24 PM #

My mom taught me this one recipe that she personally innovated. One day, I baked one and I tried to sell the product to my friends and everybody was, "How did you make this?", "Can I have a recipe?", "I wanna learn this" and all those lines. But I was like, hhhmmm "Sorry I can't give it to you because it's something that my mom really spent hours trying to get the perfect taste and spent money purchasing all the ingredients and you just want to ASK for the it ahahahhha. "

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