Some Rainy Day Activities

It's pouring rain outside.  Your children are antsy, but you can't send them out lest they catch cold (or get all muddy).  How can you help them occupy their attention?  While there are tons of things they can do indoors, such as read or watch a movie, these are some rainy day activities that take a little more engagement or creativity (or both!) than those quieter pastimes.  Put these in your idea arsenal for those days when you're ready to have a little fun alongside your youngsters!

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Put on a magic show!  There are tons of simple but astounding tricks available to learn off the internet, and children are always eager to make new connections and create tricks of their own.  Help your young ones to be theatrical about their performance: set up a stage for them, give them flashy clothes to make costumes from, and get together as much of an audience as you can to watch them perform their show.

 Play chess!  This is definitely a thinking game, and it requires a lot of brainpower to both stay ahead of your opponent in terms of the big picture, and to make sure you're not making any risky mistakes in the smaller picture.  You can learn chess from a library book, a website, or an expert you know in real life, but whatever you do, never stop practicing!  Have chess tournaments with your children, using a chess board you create yourself out of toys and a piece of cardboard.

 Draw for hours!  You can do anything with a day of drawing, from creating a themed book to give away at Christmas to making portraits of one another to hang in the hallway to playing "random" games with scraps of paper and ideas drawn at random.  Spice things up with new canvases and materials with which to draw.  Just be sure you make the drawing area safe from marker or paint accidents, and that everyone pitches in the clean-up effort afterwards.

 Solve brainteasers!  You can print off tons of fun and challenging worksheets from the world wide web, or you can pick up a dollar store brainteaser book to work through with your children.  Either way, this is a great exercise that naturally requires some quiet time, but also allows your youngsters to expend their energy at the excitement of getting a difficult puzzle right.

 More rainy day activities are still to come!  Check back soon, and visit our home page if you get a chance.

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