Musts in a Trivia Night

Interested in making a new family tradition?  Put together a family trivia night and hold it on a regular basis -- monthly, or even weekly if you're feeling ambitious!  You can do pretty much anything with this family activity, modifying it to exactly what your clan is looking for.  Whether you're a trivia regular and are looking to convert this into something your whole household can do, or if you haven't played much in the past at all, this article will be helpful to you.

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If you want to play something conventional, there are some trivia board games on the market that will make your trivia night much easier to put together.  Trivial Pursuit is perhaps the most well-known classic; it combines knowledge from science to pop culture to sports and everything in between into one all-encompassing trivia game.  Wits and Wagers is another trivia game, this one involving numerical answers and wagers on which players think are correct.  You might also give Scene It? (movie and television trivia), Outburst, or Facts in Five a try.

 Optionally, you can make your own trivia!  If your family is particularly knowledgeable about some sort of field -- maybe basketball is the sport of choice in your house, or perhaps you're all well-versed in the world of the TV show Friends -- you can put your heads together and come up with questions on the spot for the other team to answer.  Or maybe you want to make more personal trivia, with people coming up with questions about themselves to see if they can stump their less observant family members (for example, "What was I wearing at my 8th grade piano recital?").

 When you put together teams, you want to be as fair as possible.  Depending on the subject, this could mean anything!  In some cases, children vs. adults would be entirely unfair to the youngsters, and in some cases it would swing heavily in favor of the little ones!  Try to switch the teams up, too, so no one gets bored or feels like they're consistently stuck on the losing team.  You don't have to switch up teams on the same night, but rotate if you turn trivia night into a tradition.

 Have some refreshments and a prize.  A tasty beverage and a few salty or sweet snacks will make the evening more fun -- as well as hold the attention of anyone not specifically in the trivia spotlight.  Also, for particularly competitive families (and if you decide to keep the teams the same throughout the night), you can have a prize for whoever takes a certain number of victories.

 Secondhand board games are usually just as great to have around the house as brand new ones!  Try buying some up at garage sales this summer.



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