Family Photoshoot

It's always nice to have current photos of your family, isn't it?  But unless you're intentional about breaking out the camera, it's often tough to remember to snap them every now and then.  If you're looking for a fun, inexpensive afternoon with your family, take everyone out and have a family photoshoot in an awesome location near your house.  Unless you are still using a film camera, it costs nothing to take as many pictures -- serious and silly alike -- that you want to.  Have fun with it!

guy taking a picture

You'll need to be sure you have a few things along with you for a successful photoshoot -- a camera (obviously!) is most important, of course, but you'll want to be sure you have sufficient batteries or a way to charge it in case it dies.  You may want to take along a few props for a themed shoot, or just some fun things to take pictures with.  If there's any chance of rain, bring an umbrella or some other way to protect the photographer from getting wet.

 You can go just about anywhere to have a great photoshoot!  Some good ideas for places you could try out are parks (especially those with play equipment -- those make for some really fun shots), abandoned buildings (be careful!), open fields, anywhere by the water, bridges, woods, funky memorials or statues in your hometown, or in the middle of the city (there are often lots of unusual sights to take pictures with there).

 Not sure how to start shooting?  Do pair shots with each member of your family, so that everyone gets a fair amount of facetime on camera and shooting time behind it.  Then do some timed group shots, as well as a bunch of spontaneous candid ones while you prepare for the more posed ones.  If you've brought props, do some fun sequence shots, where the family acts out some sort of story or event in freeze frames.

 Once you're finished with your photoshoot, you might want to put the photos to good use right away!  Upload them (or develop and scan them, if you used real film) and then post them somewhere that you can share them with friends and relatives, like Flickr or Facebook.  Additionally, pull aside some good shots for the family newsletter or Christmas card, and then you don't have to worry about taking them later.

 Here's another great online hotspot for you:!  We've got lots of fun stuff for you to do as someone who wants to live a frugal lifestyle!


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