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Web sites such as are an amazing resource for a frugal person.  In an attempt to generate interest in a new product, companies will put out a sample offer; you sign up, put in your address, and about four to six weeks later, you receive the sample in the mail.  Along with these sample offers, companies often put in really good coupons so that you'll continue to use their product, and this is one of the best resources for free items and coupons alike.

A sample coupon offer.

The coupons that accompany sample offers are usually glorified manufacturer's coupons.  That means they are for a certain amount of money off.  But whereas the coupons found in the Sunday glossies are only worth 30¢ to $1, the coupons that come with sample offers are usually at least for a few dollars, if not for a free product.  Although you have to wait 4-6 weeks for samples to arrive, the coupons you can get out of the deal are very much worth it.

As mentioned before, Web sites like,, and are great databases of free offers that you can browse without having to do all the searching work yourself.  Several even allow you to sign up for a daily email, so you can get all the special offers delivered right to your inbox.  Some computers have a form-complete function you can use to make the filling out of forms an easy routine that won't take you more than a few minutes before you start your day.

You can also contact companies directly to get free sample offers.  This is particularly useful if you didn't find a product to be completely up to standard.  Find the company contact information on their Web site, or give them a phone call, and let them know either that you'd like to try the product or that you tried it and it wasn't as good as you expected.  Even most sales representatives are authorized to send you samples, so you likely won't even need to speak with a manager.

If you'd like to get more samples offers, sign up your friends who don't really want the product -- this will work because there is often a one-sample-per-household limit.  Ask neighbors if they'd be willing to let you use their address (use your own email address, since spam email is more annoying than spam snail mail) before you go ahead and sign up to use them.

You can also ask for extra coupons -- sometimes companies are happy enough that you want to buy their product that they're willing to dish out some coupons if you've requested a sample product.

Coupons, healthy cheap cooking, flea markets, auctions, and -- of course -- garage sales: we've got it all!  Stay tuned to our blog for more great info to help you keep your healthy lifestyle during these hard economic times.

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