Numerous Coupons, One Place To Go

Giving away excessive amounts of coupons can really cost a company some serious profit.  However, there are times when handing out significant coupons to entice a customer in to the store is a beneficial marketing strategy.  Often, these coupons are only handed out once by a store, and only under specific circumstances.  There are plenty of one-time places to get coupons -- you just have to know where to look!

numerous trollies for shopping

Moving packets often contain significant discounts on services you would need around the home -- things like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, drycleaning, and house inspections.  While you may not need these items when you move in -- rendering the coupons fairly useless to you -- you might need them when you've been in your home a while.  Check around with friends who have moved lately to see if they've gotten a coupon package, and ask if you can use the ones you need.

When you sign up for something, such as a service or a product, the company often gives you a significant coupon for your next purchase, as a thank you for doing business with them.  Though this coupon will not always be helpful, because it's often expired before you actually need the product or service again, sometimes it will be just what you need to make sure your house stays clean instead of just being clean once every five years (as an example).

After a large purchase, stores may grant you a coupon for your next visit.  An example of this is what many clothing and department stores do: if you spend $50 or more, you get a coupon for $10 off your next purchase (often of $20 or more).  While this does up the likelihood that you will return to do business with them again, a plus for their company, it's also a bonus for you, since you obviously shop there and would likely have gone back again anyway, coupon or not.

When a place opens, to entice in new customers, stores often put coupons in the newspaper and hold their breath for a big profits hit.  You can even get freebies out of these scenarios sometimes!  Watch your Sunday paper (and the weeklies, too) to see if you can spot any great deals at stores with grand openings or new location openings.

Coupons are just one aspect of the frugal lifestyle, and we cover the rest over at!



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