Cheap Dates: Working Out

Living a frugal lifestyle but still want to treat your special someone to a wonderful evening?  No problem!  There are lots of cheap date options out there; it's a matter of making them happen!  You may feel pressure to take your date somewhere that costs way more than you can afford, but just remember -- if they don't have the spunk to try out something different and be willing to live life frugally, well, you may not be able to get along anyway.

running couples

Cheap Dates are great for first dates, tenth dates, or I-can't-rememberth dates!  Whether you've been married for years or are just starting to get to know your significant other, these inexpensive outing options can be great fun.

 This time in Cheap Dates, we'll take a look at working out.  If your significant other still loves you when you're stinky and sweaty from running laps and lifting weights, you'll know you're on to something good!  Besides, a practical date is often one of the most fulfilling at the end of the day.

 Perform the same routine together.  Come up with a workout that both of you can do, preferably at the same time.  It may involve spotting each other, or you may just be rotating through some exercises that you can do in tandem.  If one person is unable to do as many as the other, you can modify the routine to fit that in.

 Go running on a regular basis.  Integrating running as part of your typical week is very good for your health, and if you keep it to a jog, it can be a guilt-free way to spend some quality time with your significant other.  Instead of putting in headphones and listening to music, chat while you keep each other on pace.

 Encourage one another!  This is a huge part of having a workout partner -- the encouragement you bring to the table.  Be sure you're affirming and uplifting your date as you go through the workout, and take some time to talk about what you've done well and what you could work on as a team.

 Indulge in a non-food reward, once you've completed a successful workout.  Maybe there's a TV show you watch together, or a scenic point you love to sit at.  Go enjoy it together when your workout is over! has lots to offer you as someone trying to live frugally in a tight economy!  Visit us today.

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