• Cheap Dates

    Free Concert

    Living a frugal lifestyle but still want to treat your special someone to a wonderful evening?  No problem!  There are lots of cheap date options out there; it's a matter of making them happen!  You may feel pressure to take your date somewhere that costs way more than you can afford,...
  • Garage Sale Shopping Tips

    Good Vinyl Deals

    Vinyl records are now little more than a trip down Sentimental Lane, but record players still live and the scratchy, grainy quality of the music and sounds they produce take people back to their childhoods.  You may own a record player (or you might be hunting for one at a garage sale); if you ...
  • Garage Sale Hosting Tips

    Good Music Selections For Your Sale

    The quiet sounds of a summer day are a pleasant background atmosphere to a garage sale, but sometimes, the silence can be overwhelming.  If you have some sort of boom box or iPod and speakers handy, you might want to break out the music to give your clientele a little something to shop to. The...

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