• General Frugal Tips

    Using Your Library

    For frugal booklovers, there is no better resource than the public library system.  You already pay for the services provided by your local library from your taxpayer's dollars -- why not make good use of them?  Especially during a downturned economy, the free opportunities provided by a l...
  • General Frugal Tips

    Make Use of the Library

    One of the greatest resources in the country is the public library system.  It's technically not free, since you pay for it in your taxes, but you have to pay whether or not you use it, so really, you can count it as free.  Libraries are full of great information in (usually) legitimate so...
  • General Frugal Tips

    Cheap Homeschooling Tips

    Parents may choose to teach their children at home for many reasons -- from believing public schooling is inadequate to wanting to teach their religion as part of the curriculum to needing flexibility due to frequent cross-country moves.  Whatever the reasons, homeschooling parents may find tha...

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