• Family Activities

    Cheering a Sports Team Together

    Cheering for a sports team brings people together in all sorts of situations.  You can walk into a bar in a foreign country, spot someone wearing your team colors, and immediately be drawn to them.  By the same token, cheering a sports team on as a family can create some very strong bondin...
  • Family Activities

    Replace Your Cable

    How many nights have you turned on the TV, only to flip through hundreds of cable channels, disappointed with what you find (or don't find)?  Cable is an expensive luxury that many people can't afford in hard economic times.  However, having something to do when you get home from work is e...
  • Family Activities

    Games to Play in the Rain

    When the weather starts to turn foul, you may be tempted to call in your children and keep everyone indoors for the duration of the rain's falling. However, though there are plenty of rainy day activities you can do to keep the youngsters occupied while the sky is gray, there are also rain games you...

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