• Garage Sale Shopping Tips

    Garage Sale Resources for the Budding Chef

    Learning to cook is a daunting enough process -- then throw in the fact that most kitchen equipment is rather expensive, and you may be turned off by the idea completely! However, if you are brand new to the kitchen and looking to self-teach your way to culinary delights, you may want to consider mi...
  • Family Activities

    Imaginary Cooking Adventures for Kids

    Do you have a budding chef amongst your children? Still a little wary of letting him or her have command of the kitchen? You can help your youngsters have imaginary cooking adventures in the safety of your backyard! All it takes is some natural "ingredients" that can be found in the average backyard...
  • Flea Markets

    Baking For Flea Markets

    Are you a particularly wonderful baker? Do you have friends and relatives lining up for your holiday goodies, or begging you for a home-baked goodie basket as their birthday present? If so, you might want to consider baking for flea markets! You won't even need anything special, just a place to set ...

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